Our art atelier was brought to the world just before the dawning of 2021 at the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the cosmic night sky. It was around 2 years prior to that Lulu had a dream of an art and décor atelier that would bring light to the world in a new way. A way connected to the timeless universe and presence in every day. The inspiration for our name comes from Jean Prouvé who designed and manufactured "Maison Tropicale" in 1949-1951 in West Africa.

Maison Tropicale was born out of a love for the tropics. The smell of rain colliding with bitumen on a sticky humid afternoon. Summers arrival confirmed by a pungent waft of coconut oil. The mix of concrete and botanics in the back streets of Bali. Sunset swims in warm water. The travel we all yearn for and to exist in an endless summer.

La Maison is a celebration of tropical lifestyle under the celestial skies. A vision of the future forged with memories of the past woven into a divine tapestry of experience. Our founder, French born Ludivine Maccoll, is also co-founder of Good Design Award winning creative bureau Saturate. Maison Tropicale takes it's inspiration from the renowned Vitra Campus not half an hour from where Lulu grew up in France. To add synchronicity to this story many of Jean Prouvé's iconic furniture designs are still sold there to this day.

“My intention is to open magical windows into the journey through your home. To bring universal beauty within reach every day. To remind you that you are here and this experience is a gift. Our offer to you is sublime ‘Art et déco venus d’ailleurs’ or in Australian... ‘Art and décor from elsewhere’”

With love,


Le Magazine Tropicale